The best ideas emerge from the simplest materials

Cycling; the most eco-friendly self transportation mode (walking not included here, as being not so much fun) gives joy and pleasure to millions all over the globe. To minimize it´s already diminutive carbon footprint I found my joy giving worn bike parts a new life by recycling them into parts of handmade jewels and clothing accessories. An old chain transforms into a various forms of bracelets, earrings and necklaces or a punctured inner tube into a tie bow.

So keep Your bikes rolling (I need those chains! ;)), and I keep my ideas flowing so we can all look beautiful, brilliant, rad, stylish and absolutely wonderful both on and off the bike!

Anne K., Oulu – Finland


Passion for trails

Product examples


Recycled Inner Tube & Bike Chain Bracelet 35,00 €

remankeli inner tube bow tie

Recycled Inner Tube Bow Tie 30,00 €


Recycled Bike Chain Bracelet 22,00 €


Leftover Reindeer Leather Bracelet 35,00 €

remankeli pyöränketjukorvikset

Recycled Bike Chain Earrings 22,00 €

remankeli pyörän sisäkumikorvakorut hapsu

Recycled Inner Tube Earrings 22,00 €