A dream of my own design

Elokuje Handicrafts is a small Finnish handicraft jewellery company owned by me Anne Kleemola. Six years ago, my long-time artisan mother and I started thinking about jewellery stuff together, and we tried different materials. The company name, Elokuje, had popped into my head much earlier, which I then finally registered as a business at the end of 2017. 

Making and tuning by hand has always been present at our farm home. Recycling, reuse, and DIY recycling have been practiced long before it became hip. My main job is a graphic design for my one-person Elovisual business. For my computer work, this is an excellent counterweight and as a visual designer I can do all my marketing materials myself.

Over the years, the “collection” has changed its shape from boho chic-style surf jewellery into upcycled jewellery. In this abundant and rubbish-drenched world, the use of upcycled and surplus materials seemed to be the only reasonable option to fulfill my own design dream. Not only is it ecological, but it also limits the design ideas very well.